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Devesh Khanna

It’s no secret that every business has a story to tell. Whether it’s one that informs and educates customers or one that sparks joy and delight, these stories are crucial for building trust and customer loyalty. Creating affordable stories at scale seemed to be a challenge for all individuals, brands, and enterprises. This sparked a passion in me to build Social Scion, an agency that crafts inexpensive stories swiftly for brands of all sizes.

I am a passionate storyteller at heart with industry-wide knowledge in conceptualizing and creating Global digital experiences for customers. Driven by curiosity, I constantly search for stories that resonate with the audience and convince them to take favorable action on digital platforms. To develop captivating digital stories for clients, I work with our storytellers to utilize varying visual creative formats. I have a relentless focus on simplifying concepts via digital storytelling, that enables brands to create an ever-lasting impact on their consumers’ minds. Through active Twitter engagement, I drive influencer engagement by connecting with Global digital leaders in the field of VR, AR, Tech, Healthcare, and Sustainability. Propelled by consistency and tireless pursuit, the channel has been accoladed as a Global Tech Influencer to follow in 2022 by Engati and Magazine Awards.

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Tanya Sinha

Social media marketing is a complex field that requires an adept strategist to blend consumer data, competitive insights, and market intelligence to create effective strategies. Amongst the information overload, brands face a daunting challenge of retaining their audience’s attention. Building effective solutions that target the consumer’s attention for small business, startups, and entrepreneurs; has been my passion for bringing Social Scion into light.

I have enriching B2B and B2C digital marketing experience in delivering tangible outcomes for brands. Having worked across different Geos, my expertise lies in amplifying a brand’s story across owned, paid, and earned media. I create strategies that focus on enhancing engagement, fostering brand loyalty, growing the social media community, building brand awareness, and driving revenue. Diving into a data-driven approach enables me to identify the best-performing stories for different social media platforms. Based on this insight, I work alongside the storytellers in our team to develop objective-driven campaigns that help transform the businesses’ perception amongst their target audience. My focus lies on creating educative, inspiring, informative, and engaging content, that helps the clients differentiate themselves and strike emotional connections with their prospects.

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