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It is no secret that consumers are easily convinced to buy into products or services when there is video content attached to them. Today, nearly two-thirds of all internet traffic is video traffic, and social media videos continue to grow at a rapid pace. Coupled with the fact video content is easily digestible and breaks the information clutter, makes it an effective content marketing tool today. To stay relevant, businesses need to create engaging video content that tells a story and resonates with their audience.

However, producing high-quality video content is not always easy. There are several challenges that businesses face when trying to create video content in-house, from sourcing equipment and talent to have the necessary editing skills and experience. These challenges can often be mitigated by working with a video production service provider like Social Scion that has the resources and expertise to produce professional videos which spark interest amongst your target audience.

We help you tell your story compellingly and creatively, engage your audience, and achieve your business goals. Our video production experts specialize in creating custom video content for businesses of all types. Whether you’re looking to promote a new product or service, raise awareness for your brand, or simply tell your story in a new and exciting way, our video production services can help you achieve your goals. Onboarding a video production company like Social Scion can amplify your brand’s message by addressing your consumers’ challenges using video animations. Our video production services are aimed at breaking the digital noise to achieve the client’s goal and drive incremental ROI.

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Our Video Production Offerings

Video content is one of the most effective ways to reach and engage your target audience. It can be used to promote your business, product, or message powerfully. And we know how to produce quality video content that will help you achieve your desired results.

The team has years of experience producing high-quality video content for a variety of purposes. From educational institutes and universities to schools and colleges, our video production services have been used to create videos that are both informative and engaging. We understand the needs of different types of audiences, and our team delivers videos that are tailored specifically to each client’s needs.

So, whether you need 2D/3D animated videos for marketing purposes or just basic informational videos, we have the expertise and experience to deliver whatever you need in terms of video production services!

With more than half the world’s population being active on social media, it is no longer a communication medium that brands can turn a blind eye to. 88% of social media users would prefer to watch more videos from brands (Source: Wyzowl). The success of TikTok is a testament to the growing significance video has on social media consumption patterns.

As your trusted social media video production company, we can build social media videos to boost your brand’s organic reach across social platforms. Our videos are aimed at increasing brand awareness, sparking interest in the consumer, and building an engaging community.

Social Media Videos

Explainer videos are one of the most powerful tools an online business can use. Not only do they increase the website engagement, but they’re also effective at boosting conversions since they show your audience the product instead of just telling them about it. Businesses can explain how the product is used, the materials it’s made of, and even show users how other people use it.

In addition to excelling in certain industries, explainer videos can be used by almost any website or brand. Our video specialists have built character explainer videos in 2D/3D animation for varied industries. Take a look at our portfolio or connect with our video specialist to build an explainer video for your site and see the incredible benefits that come with them!

Explainer Videos

Doodle animations or Whiteboard animations are a simple and engaging way to communicate your message. They keep the viewer’s eyes focused on the constantly changing images, making them more likely to remember what they’ve seen. Companies of all sizes are incorporating this style into their day-to-day schedule to teach employees about company policies, product usage, or tools demonstration.

So, if you’re looking for an impactful storytelling medium, whiteboard animation may be just what you need! Our video production team has expertise in catering to all lengths and breadths of doodle video requests. Here’s a sneak peek into our doodle portfolio for various industries.

Doodle Videos

When you make a corporate video, the original intent is to promote the brand content or a product or service launch. However, they are often made for businesses who choose the video format for its numerous benefits. Corporate videos utilize all those benefits in reaffirming the company in people’s mind or introducing a new product launch.

In addition to this, such videos have more potential than their aforementioned use case! From organization videos to events and live streaming, there are infinite uses for these powerful marketing tools. Our video consultants bridge the gap between product features and the brand by creating corporate videos.

Corporate Videos

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Our Creative Process

At its core, video production services refer to the process of bringing a story to life on screen. But of course, there’s much more to it than that. As any video production agency will tell you, there are countless different moving parts that all need to come together for the finished product to be successful. From scripting and storyboarding to shooting and editing, video production is a complex and multi-faceted process. But when implemented accurately, the outcomes can be truly remarkable.

Our video production team has experience in developing video content and marketing them as well. We adopt best practices of the industry while building videos to ensure an alluring video is developed. Our video services combine the industry trends and the market intelligence to every video that we create.

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Meet the Team

At Social Scion, we pride ourselves on our team of dedicated digital storytellers. No matter the scope of your project, we will customize our video production services to fit your specific needs. We will align the best team/crew for your project, including a committed client partner who will be your single point of contact from start to finish. In addition, we have experienced content writers and video editors who will bring your story to life. Our professional production team will handle all the logistics, so you can sit back and relax while we do all the work. Contact us today to get started on your next video project!

Committed Project Manager

Manage and oversee video pre-production planning and on-site production activities for video clients. Deliver the high-quality product on time and within budget. Anticipate and respond to needs and requests from clients. Supervise additional staff during video production. Single point-of-contact for all your needs!

Dedicated Creative Producer

Creative producer makes things happen; they sit between the creative process and the operational process in a project. The individual orchestrates ideas, and resources needed for the project, and assign people, and participants to turn the seed of an idea into reality. Creative producers outline the way that meaning is taken from the work.

Professional Pre production team

The incumbent is responsible for designing, coordinating, directing, shooting, and editing educational, instructional, promotional, and other video material/content delivered via the Web, cable TV, DVD, and portable devices. The incumbent oversees the work of a professional video production and post-production crew.

Experienced Video Editor

Video editors work with all the different takes, cut the unwanted parts, and organize them into the flow that you have established. The key objective of editing is to make the video as smooth and organized as possible, and the editor collaborates with the director, producer, and others, to create that flow.

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Our Commitment

The strategists research the market, competition, and your target persona’s needs before suggesting the approaches. Our video production team recommends video formats that are tailored to your specific needs and objectives. We understand that every business is different, and we take the time to get to know you and your goals before making any recommendations. Whether you’re looking for social media videos, corporate videos, or marketing videos, we can help you create content that is impactful and engaging. We offer scalable and affordable video production services, right from conceptualization to post-production and delivery. Our goal is always to produce high-quality video content that drives results. If you’re looking for a cost-effective and customized approach to video production, look no further than Social Scion.

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