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Transforming Individuals to Personal Brands

What is Personal Branding?

You can either let your personal brand develop naturally, maybe chaotically, beyond your control, or you can assist to massage it to portray the person you want to be. Your personal brand was solely your business card in the pre-internet era. Few people would have heard of you unless you were a well-known figure in the media or someone who played a prominent role in advertisements. You are far less anonymous in today’s highly public environment, where every little action is investigated in depth on social media. By partnering with a personal branding agency like Social Scion, who helps in establishing a personal branding framework and implementing a strategy, you can control the perception of your brand amongst potential clients, employers or even investors.

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Benefits of Personal Branding

Individuals, startup owners, entrepreneurs, C-suite, and professionals such as attorneys, real estate agents, doctors, and financial consultants all benefit from personal branding. Some of the personal branding benefits include:

Building a personal brand helps you establish yourself as an expert and a thought leader in your field, as well as gain trust with your audience. Being able to pitch and being discovered by media (online journals, magazines, television, radio, podcasts, and other mediums) is made simpler by having a personal brand. Experts who can share their views with the public are always in high demand by the media.

It makes it easier for others and entrepreneurs to see value in connecting with you when you have a personal brand that clearly articulates who you are, what you do, and how you help others. You may rapidly and efficiently establish your network, both online and offline, utilizing your own reputation as a tool. A strong personal brand helps you to connect with industry thought leaders across the Globe, beyond your region too.

Building a personal brand that makes you the preferred expert in a certain industry or niche will help you attract more of your ideal clients. People are more likely to refer clients to you when you’re seen as a domain expert. Networking with the Globe, helps the audience evaluate your expertise and connect for business opportunities.

Premium pricing is easier to justify when you have a strong personal brand for yourself. You become a commodity that competes on price if you don’t have a brand. There will always be someone who can offer your services at a lower price. Personal branding enables you to charge for your expertise in a niche.

During your professional career, the circle keeps changing. Throughout the journey, you may even launch multiple businesses or join various organization across different various industries. As you move through the professional ladder, your personal brand is the only constant factor that sticks to your brand.

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Need for a Personal Branding Agency

It’s no secret that personal branding is one of the most important skills for success in today’s market. If you want to stand out from the crowd, hiring a personal branding agency is a great way to do just that. They help you build and maintain a strong reputation online and offline, by creating thought leadership content that helps you connect with potential clients and boost your business growth. A personal brand is your reputation in the eyes of others, which can have a significant impact on your career. Personal branding agency helps in converting you as a thought-leader in the industry which can boost your professional goals.

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How Social Scion can Help?

There’s no doubt that social media consumption has increased across the world, and personal branding is critical if you want to differentiate yourself from the others. Managing the strategy, content creation, distribution and tracking the results can be daunting for any individual. Moreover, startup owners, working professionals, C-suite and entrepreneurs have little or no time at hand would skip the personal branding process in its entirety to focus on their business goals. Partnering with a personal branding agency like Social Scion, enables you to achieve your personal branding goals without having an impact on your time, work or even wallet!

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Personal Branding Services

Creating a personal brand is essential for anyone looking to achieve success in today’s highly competitive marketplaces. Personal branding services offered at Social Scion can help you to achieve this goal by defining and building your personal brand. Creating thought-leadership content and networking with influencers lays a foundation of a successful personal brand. By working with Social Scion, you’ll be on your way to becoming a social superstar!

Building a foundation that you can trustfully and honestly craft is the first step in developing your personal brand. Authenticity is the most important principle. We begin by inventorying the branding assets that you already have in order to lay the groundwork for a solid brand. Your personal brand is created by personal branding experts, at the crossroads of these assets. The next step we initiate is combining the critical components of your personal brand with your current brand assets. The outcome of a personal brand architecture is a personal brand identity kit that includes vision, mission, value proposition, message, and personality.

Personal Branding Architecture

A personal branding strategy is a plan to transition your reputation and career from obscurity to prominence. It tells you where you are now, as well as what level of visibility you’d like to attain in the future. Our personal branding team describes the tactics, tools, and skills you’ll need to achieve your purpose, as well as a daily schedule to support you along the way. We create a well-coordinated plan, that ensures the uncertainty associated with your visibility is alleviated, allowing you to concentrate on your core business objectives. Our personal branding strategy defines the channel, content formats, and influencer engagement roadmap.

Personal Branding Strategy

When it comes to personal branding, often, the focus is on how one can improve their image and thus promote their business. However, personal branding is not only limited to business promotions. Our personal branding strategists create a go-to-market document that focuses on content marketing where promotion is a result of the efforts. We build and curate thought-leadership content that targets your audience and grows your reputation at the same time. This helps in establishing credibility and increased exposure which makes promoting your business easier than before. Our personal branding experts focus on identifying the influencers for propagating the message.

Personal Branding Marketing

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Personal Branding Roadmap 

Personal branding is all about creating a unique identity that connects with your target audience. At Social Scion, we create a data-driven approach to develop a personal branding framework. Our team of strategists, writers, graphic designers, video producers and social media specialists collaborate to create a roadmap that aims achieving your business goals. Take advantage of our expert advice and get started on your personal branding journey today!


Whether you are commencing your personal branding journey or revamping, Social Scion has got you covered. We connect with you to understand your interests, area of expertise, and where your strengths lie. The main objective of this session is to delve deeper into topics that touch your heart, spark a passion in you, identify existing relationships that can be leveraged and who is your ideal target audience.

Unearth Your Brand

After the discovery session, our strategists garner to understand the target audience needs, the channels wherein they are active, your competitor’s activity and the authority of your topics. The experts create a personal branding architecture with an identity kit. This lays the foundation of relaying a consistent and cohesive personal brand message. Our experts create personal branding strategy to amplify the brand architecture and meet the desired goals.

Build Your Communication Plan

Creating a successful communication strategy is not easy, but it’s worth the effort. Once we receive approval on the brand architecture and the strategy, our experts develop a comprehensive communication plan. We build a marketing plan with the right mix of social media platforms that work best for your niche. Our team identifies the content formats and the content development efforts involved in delivering an impactful brand message.

Brand Management

Brand management is an essential component of any personal brand. It involves a seamless execution of the strategy and plan that will help you achieve your business goals and objectives. Our personal branding experts setup social media profiles, distribute the content developed across the social media channels, engage with the influencers, grow relationships with the followers and monitor the posts for comments or DMs.


Our experts create monthly dashboards that help you measure the outcomes of your personal branding efforts. The dashboards highlight KPIs like account reach, engagement rate, authority, posts reach, profile visits and keywords the profile stands for. By analyzing the results, our strategists optimize the strategy for the upcoming months.

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Personal Branding Packages

Our personal branding packages are affordable and include influencer marketing services without any additional cost. They are aimed at establishing your personal brand, which will help you attract more clients and leads. A strong personal brand is key to success in any industry, so don’t hesitate to invest in a professional branding package. Services like social media branding and research help create powerful thought-leadership content that helps you stand out from the competition.



  • Number of Posts per Month 8
  • Number of Platforms 1
  • Vertical Content Creation (Stories) 2
  • Social Media Videos (30 Sec) 1
  • Long-form content creation 0
  • Personal Branding Strategy Yes
  • Personal Brand Architecture Yes
  • Personal Branding Audit Yes
  • Personal Brand Monitoring Yes
  • Personal Branding Consultation 1
  • Monthly Reporting Yes
  • Channel Setup & Optimization Yes
  • Account Management Hours 2
  • Real-time Project Management Notifications Yes


  • Number of Posts per Month 12
  • Number of Platforms 2
  • Vertical Content Creation (Stories) 8
  • Social Media Videos (30 Sec) 4
  • Long-form content creation 2
  • Personal Branding Strategy Yes
  • Personal Brand Architecture Yes
  • Personal Branding Audit Yes
  • Personal Brand Monitoring Yes
  • Personal Branding Consultation 2
  • Monthly Reporting Yes
  • Channel Setup & Optimization Yes
  • Account Management Hours 4
  • Real-time Project Management Notifications Yes
  • Number of Posts per Month 16
  • Number of Platforms 4
  • Vertical Content Creation (Stories) 14
  • Social Media Videos (30 Sec) 8
  • Long-form content creation 4
  • Personal Branding Strategy Yes
  • Personal Brand Architecture Yes
  • Personal Branding Audit Yes
  • Personal Brand Monitoring Yes
  • Personal Branding Consultation 4
  • Monthly Reporting Yes
  • Channel Setup & Optimization Yes
  • Account Management Hours 8
  • Real-time Project Management Notifications Yes

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Why Choose Our Personal Branding Services?

Creating thought-leadership content is one of the most imperative task one needs to undergo towards establishing digital authority. That’s where Social Scion comes in. We are experts in SEO and social media marketing, and our team understands the importance of thought-leadership content. That’s why we create engaging, shareable content that helps you stand out from the competition. In addition to monthly reports detailing our progress and findings, we also offer a free brand audit to get started. We believe that personal branding is essential for individuals, entrepreneurs, and business professionals, and we are here to help you reach your goals!

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