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What is SMM

What are Social Media Management Services?

Social media management services refer to the process of creating strategy, building content, distributing content across social media platforms, driving engagement with the audience, developing communities, and measuring the impact of the strategy. Social media management has become an increasingly important marketing strategy for businesses of all sizes. It allows businesses to connect with the unknown target audience, convert them into customers, and nurture relationships with their existing customers across their buying journey. When done right, social media management services can result in increased brand awareness, higher engagement rates, and incremental traffic to the website.

With the increasing consumption of social media, the platforms have now evolved to favor more content creators than promotional messages, requiring the businesses’ full attention, 100 percent dedication, and a well-done budget. In the absence of an adequate social media content strategy, whether for a brand campaign or product launch, getting the message in front of your targeted audience can be challenging.

To help businesses of all sizes achieve these goals, Social Scion offers a wide range of social media management services. We understand the importance of social media for business growth and are committed to helping you achieve your goals. With our efficient social media management services, you can focus on your real business goals while we take care of the social media platform logistics. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you achieve success on social media!

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Why Businesses Need Social Media Management Services?

When it comes to social media marketing, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. That’s why social media management service is so valuable – it can help you select the right platform and create a plan that suits your needs. Once you’ve selected a platform, the next step is to create a plan and get started promoting your business! Social media management services provide the tools and support you need to get the most out of social media, so you can focus on building products or services and converting the sales pipeline.

The increased social media consumption has made it a mandate for businesses to include social media roadmap aimed at achieving their business goals. Social media management services equip businesses with the tools and resources they need to drive tangible marketing outcomes like increased brand visibility, strengthened relationships, and diverting target audiences to your preferred digital assets to drive favorable actions.

Additionally, social media management services help businesses in cultivating a positive brand reputation by engaging with their followers on social media channels. The social media managers will post content that is relevant to the business niche, engage with followers in meaningful discussions, respond quickly to customer queries, and keep the brand’s presence consistent across all digital platforms. This helps businesses attract new customers as well as retain current ones. Coupled with the power of social media listening, social media management services can drive seamless omnichannel customer experience too.

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Benefits of Hiring Social Scion

Social media is a key component of any digital campaign, for businesses and marketers. As a result, when a product or service launches, social media is often discussed. Yet, to succeed on social media, it immediately becomes clear that there are several aspects brands need to understand and adopt.

Consider how brands need to build an overall plan, create engaging content, post, and schedule high-quality material, respond to consumer remarks, connect with consumers, launch paid advertising campaigns or organic social media campaigns, and monitor them on a real-time basis to keep a track of the goals. It requires a budget, expertise, and even a squad of strategists and specialists! For many organizations, the challenge of relinquishing in-house resources for individual channels to drive customized approaches is a task.

Collaborating with social media management services providers like Social Scion can bring in the expertise the business needs. Our social media marketing consulting service has a proven track record of aiding companies to achieve their social media objectives. Social Scion strategists, content writers, designers, and marketers assist in connecting with the right target audience, growing brand reach, driving engagement, and website traffic.

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Our Social Media Management Services

When it comes to social media, businesses of all sizes need professional acumen to get the most out of their online presence. Social Scion’s social media management services can help businesses setup profiles, monitor online interactions, and provide reports on what is working and not working with the company’s overall business strategy. Our social media management service can also provide guidance on how to boost engagement rates through content creation and distribution strategies.

The different tactics our social media management service packages comprise include:

Our social media marketing services are a 360-degree approach, which fuses market research, the creation of customized strategy, driving consumer engagement, and developing campaign-based paid and organic social media marketing management. By using these techniques in combination with one another, brands can widen their reach, amplify their brand message, and create lasting impressions on their target audience. Businesses can achieve actionable results like increased page visits, post reach, and visits, which sets the momentum for social media marketing outcomes.

SMM Marketing

Creating a brand on social media can be an overwhelming task for businesses that are just getting started. This is why it is so important to enlist the help of a professional social media agency like Social Scion. Our dedicated social media professionals will monitor your brand message across social media platforms to ensure a consistent tone is relayed. We leverage social listening tools that identify customer queries, feedback and comments enabling brands to address them immediately, thus uplifting the overall perception and sentiment in the customers’ minds.

Brand Management 1

Social media is an incredibly powerful marketing tool that can be used to capture the attention of consumers and influence their decisions. According to GlobalWebIndex, 54% of consumers head off to social media and research products before making a purchase. Garner the interest of these prospects and convert them into your customers using Social Scion’s content development services. We create high-quality, industry-trending, and visually appealing social media posts that attract the audience and drives engagement, while paid social media campaigns are aimed at driving potential leads for the website.

Content Development

Videos garner 21.2% more engagement compared to images and 18.6% more interactions compared to carousels. The main reason for the growing popularity of videos is that they are engaging, informative, and easy to share. That’s why businesses need to include videos as part of their social media content strategy. Social Scion’s offers a wide range of video production services like explainers, promotional, doodles, and much more. Our video professionals will conceptualize your video, edit it expertly, and finalize it into a stunning piece that will capture your audience’s attention. Whether you need an ad campaign demo or a high-quality educational video, our team can help you get started right away!

Video Production 2

Paid social advertising continues to rise driving product purchases for brands. Major brands complement their digital events with a paid social media campaign. Leveraging this rewarding trend requires careful planning and execution, which is where Social Scion comes in. Our social media consultants identify the right platform basis your objective and budget. We create ad campaigns and customized creatives that appeal to your target audience. Our ad specialists’ setup the campaign, monitor on a real-time basis and ensure maximum returns on ad spends is achieved.


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Social Media Platforms Managed

Different businesses require specific platforms wherein their target audience is active the most over the others. Our social media approach revolves around creating customized strategies for individual channels to deliver on business goals.


Facebook continues to maintain the leadership of having the most active users with over 2 million users. This makes it a lucrative for individuals, small-medium businesses, and large corporates to include the channel as part of the strategy. Social scion maximizes the brand’s reach on the platform through strategic content development, group engagement and social media engagement.


23.1% of all the worldwide audience who are 13 and above are on Instagram. The focus on visualization enables storytelling for brands to inspire their consumers on the platform. Partnering with Social Scion, brands can increase their engagement through compelling campaigns in varied formats such as infographic, carousel, reels and videos.


Twitter, the 9th most visited website in the world, is a great source to drive the conversation on topics that matter to your business. Social Scion unearths opportunities for brands by boosting digital authority. With dedicated content curation, a content creation approach, and an active influencer handle (@CurieuxExplorer); we can create brand advocates for your brand.


Even though the platform’s primary usage revolves around job search, LinkedIn is a great tool for B2B businesses and professionals. A 33% increase in purchase intent has been seen for brands who have advertised on LinkedIn. We create a thought-leadership content development strategy using a mix of videos, long-form posts, carousels, and infographics to drive credibility amongst your target audience.


With YouTube being the second largest search engine in the world, most of your target audience understands the product usage prior to purchase. To be visible for the search terms is the most important metric for brands. Social Scion amplifies a brand’s exposure by developing compelling videos, optimizing the title and description for SEO purposes, and embedding trending keywords.

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Our Process

Social media management services require stringent yet flexible workflows to ensure a seamless delivery. Leveraging project management tools and a customized account structure, our process is oriented around providing client satisfaction. Our process includes four steps:

Onboard a Social Media Marketer

Social Media Management Package

All businesses are offered with customized social media management strategy. Whether your goal is to increase brand awareness, grow engagement or drive website traffic, Social Scion’s social media consultants can build a roadmap aligned to your objectives. We offer budget-friendly social media management packages for all industry, startups or small businesses. Take a look at our popular social media management plans. Did not find what you are looking for? Connect with our experts today for a custom quote.



  • Number of Posts per Month 10
  • Number of Platforms 2
  • Boost Posts 2
  • Vertical Content Creation (Stories) 6
  • Social Media Videos (30 Sec) 1
  • Social Media Strategy Yes
  • Social Media Audit Yes
  • Social Media Monitoring Yes
  • Social Media Consultation Sessions 1
  • Social Media Reporting Yes
  • Channel Setup & Optimization Yes
  • Social Media Profile Design Yes
  • Account Management Hours 2
  • Real-time Project Management Notifications Yes


  • Number of Posts per Month 20
  • Number of Platforms 3
  • Boost Posts 8
  • Vertical Content Creation (Stories) 12
  • Social Media Videos (30 Sec) 4
  • Social Media Strategy Yes
  • Social Media Audit Yes
  • Social Media Monitoring Yes
  • Social Media Consultation Sessions 2
  • Social Media Reporting Yes
  • Channel Setup & Optimization Yes
  • Social Media Profile Design Yes
  • Account Management Hours 4
  • Real-time Project Management Notifications Yes
  • Number of Posts per Month 30
  • Number of Platforms 4
  • Boost Posts 12
  • Vertical Content Creation (Stories) 15
  • Social Media Videos (30 Sec) 8
  • Social Media Strategy Yes
  • Social Media Audit Yes
  • Social Media Monitoring Yes
  • Social Media Consultation Sessions 4
  • Social Media Reporting Yes
  • Channel Setup & Optimization Yes
  • Social Media Profile Design Yes
  • Account Management Hours 8
  • Real-time Project Management Notifications Yes

Advertising cost of the platform towards boost packages will be borne directly by the client. Boost posts are aimed at increasing the reach, followers, and authority of the platform. They do not encapsulate result-oriented ad campaigns such as leads, conversions or shopping. Advertising services towards them can be an additional investment based on the scope and require a full-fledged social media ad campaign management.

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Why Choose Social Scion?

Every business has their own objective, audience, and budget when it comes to social media management. We at Social Scion, understand the crunched time and resources as a business owner you face. Hence, we build proactive approach and automated approval workflows which cater to all industries irrespective of the businesses’ shape and size.

When businesses decide to partner with Social Scion, a social media service agency, they are signing up for a team of experts who have years of experience in the industry. Our experts dedicatedly identify trending formats across social media platforms. Our social media management service is devoid of any gut instinct or guesswork when it comes to content creation and management. The strategists take time to understand the brand and target market, then create content that specifically addresses their needs and interests.

Furthermore, account managers and social media specialists, at Social Scion know how important it is to keep your account balanced – both in terms of quantity (posting frequently) and quality (creating engaging content). This “quality over quantity” focus ensures that the brand is using their resources efficiently while also providing with high-quality information and insights about current trends within the social media space.

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