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Social scion is a social media branding agency that empowers individuals and businesses to build their digital authority. We use creative and engaging stories to connect with your probable customers, nurture relationships, and drive conversations that foster long-term customer loyalty. Our strategy is tested and proven, so you can be sure you’re in good hands.

At Social Scion, we believe that each business is unique and deserves a tailored approach when it comes to meeting their marketing goals. That’s why our team works closely with you to develop a strategy that fits your specific needs. We dive deeper by understanding the needs of your buyer persona, competition activities and the market trends. Post which, our team works together to create a plan that will help you reach your goals.

We never rely on a vanilla strategy for our clients – instead, we tailor our services specifically for each client. This allows us not only to save your time and money, but also provide the highest quality service possible! Social Scion is a company that focuses on delivering client satisfaction and achieving business results. We identify ways in which tangible business goals can be accomplished so that you can maximize your return-on-investment (ROI). Our goal is that our clients trust us completely so that they can focus on their businesses instead of worrying about how we’re doing. Here’s a look at our services.

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Personal Branding 1

In your industry, you have considerable knowledge and experience. You are a master at your trade, which sets you apart from other people. You’ve gained experience, tales, and information throughout the years that may be helpful for novices. A great way to brand your stories into ‘Brand YOU’ is by using a professional personal branding service. Collaborating with Social Scion, you can develop and maintain a strong personal brand. Equipped with a Live influencer channel on Twitter, we provide you with influencer engagement from the first day itself. This enables you to stand out from your competition, make connections with new audiences, and gain the trust of potential clients or customers.

Social Media Management 1

Social media is a powerful tool that can be used to reach and engage your target audiences. However, it’s important to know how to use it correctly for your business to benefit. That’s where our social media consultants come in. We assist you in determining your targets, identifying competitors, and monitoring your customer’s digital activity. Based on this information, our experts develop custom social media brand management and paid social media advertising strategies tailored to your business goals. So, whether you’re looking for boosted website traffic or increased customer engagement, or enhanced brand awareness, we have the tools and skills necessary to make it happen!

Video Production 1

Video marketing has revolutionized the way consumers interact with brands. Brands can now communicate with their customers in a more personal and engaging way, turning even simple conversations into powerful memories. Storytelling with video has the ability to take your brand to the next level and increase customer engagement by leaps and bounds. With alluring, SEO-optimized video content, and trending video formats, you can capture your target audiences’ interest, strike emotional connections, and create traction for your brand in the online community. From scripting to post-production, we’ve got you covered. Unleash the potential of video for your company with our help!

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Benefits Social Scion Brings

Enhanced Storytelling

Agencies are a valuable asset to any business for storytelling. They keep your brand’s creativity levels aligned with the developing trends and consumers’ preferences. By working with Social Scion, you can benefit from our unique perspectives, new ideas, and creative skill sets. This helps you to connect with prospects who are looking for new inspirations. Our strategists create messaging that represents your brand while simultaneously attracting customers.

Agility and Scale

When you want to grow your business, scalability is imperative. Working with a social media branding agency like Social Scion can be a helpful way to grow your business. You have access to as many or as few marketing professionals as you need, and the price is predetermined before the project begins. This way, there are no unexpected costs, and you can execute multiple projects in an agile manner without having to wait for training and onboarding new resources.

Enriching Expertise

Social Scion has experts who have worked in varying geographies and industries. All domain experts work towards increasing visibility and engagement for your brand. Our experts can deliver efficiently on personal branding, social media marketing, video production, social media advertising, and much more. Hiring Social Scion gives your and your resources the time needed to focus on business, while we take care of all your social media marketing goals.

Customized Strategy

Online marketing is an ever-growing field, and it’s important for businesses to have a 360-degree approach. Our team takes a detailed look at your current digital presence, identifies your brand personality, and integrates customer experience across the strategy-building process. We then create a structured marketing framework that elevates your social presence for your brand while optimizing all your digital touchpoints, to ensure maximum ROI is achieved.

Transparent Workflows

At Social Scion, we believe transparency is the key to a successful customer relationship. Hence, we create project management workflows that are communicated with the stakeholders on a real-time basis using automated tools. For every project, we create a workflow and a project charter which contains the task list and deadlines that are later published online. The tool triggers notifications to all stakeholders, thus ensuring the deadlines are always met.

Competitive Analysis

At Social Scion, our services are based on your industry, consumer needs, and competition. Our strategists conduct online and offline competitive analyses to understand your brand differentiation attributes. Using social media listening tools, we identify consumer sentiments associated with your brand. The final outcome is a SWOT framework that is the backbone for creating a social media strategy or personal branding strategy or video marketing.

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Goals We Deliver

Social Scion helps businesses accelerate growth through data-led strategy, compelling narratives, and flawless execution via social media management, personal branding, or video production. We nurture impactful customer relationships while seamlessly integrating with broader marketing communication to create a cohesive campaign that drives results.

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Free Resources

Without a large investment, every company needs tools that allow them to get started quickly. From articles to designs to videos to website templates to sales scripts, email scripts, and even databases for your brand, we’ve created a collection of complementary business tools that are available for you in exchange of only an email address. Access the guides now!

Design templates that sync with any design softwares

Graphic design templates to inspire your creativity

From landing page templates, t-shirt designs, visitor card designs, we have got you covered! Download these resources and scale your marketing needs on the go. Click the pack you desire, submit your email address, and a Google drive link containing the files will pop-up for you. Update the designs with your brand guidelines and scale your marketing goals!

Resources that drive your marketing and sales goals

Business starter pack to kick-start your brand

Businesses need the inspiration to design pitch decks, write marketing emails, and design sales funnel to generate leads. We understand this need and hence bring to you a toolkit available for you in exchange for an email address only. Select the pack, enter your email address, download the Google drive link and begin customizing the asset based on your needs.

Assets aimed at increasing social media exposure for your brand

Social media assets to boost your brand’s visibility

No business today can operate without social media marketing. We have got you a resource pack comprising social media post designs and videos that can be customized using any design software based on your brand guidelines. Skyrocket your social media presence by selecting the pack, submitting your email address, and downloading the Google drive link asset today!

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